Your automatic mode is set on Wonder Woman/Shiva/Mother Courage? Years fly by and some self-time in the job description would be nice, right?

Hi, I’m Ilhem. Skin care is a good starting point. I offer to spare you time, money and a few bad skin reactions, and I offer to be the sidekick who reminds you to take a break and hands you the right tools to take care of yourself.

Let’s get it straight right from the start. Calme & Volupté is not about :

  • online consulting for skin pathologies.
  • beauty blogging. I don’t write reviews and I couldn’t make a make-up tutorial even if my life depended on it.

On the other hand, it is about posting information :

  • about natural ingredients in skin care,
  • about DIY basics,
  • to help you build a beauty/wellbeing routine that best suits your needs,
  • to help you custom your cosmetics and discover a creative hobby.

It is also about sharing my discoveries and my journey through organic formulation and personal development because I’m convinced that holistic and mindful is a win. 

Me, my life, my world in a few random facts :

  • So, my name is Ilhem.
  • My twenties were in the 80s-90s. That makes me vintage.
  • I’m a quote maniac.
  • My inner Idéfix cries when a tree is cut down. Really, it pains me.
  • I like people (90% of the time). The greatest part of my professional life has been devoted to pedagogy and personalized support. It’s impossible to sum it up in very few words but my life has been rich in human connections. They have nourished me and still do. So, thank you, people.
  • I’m nerd ascendant chatterbox. Give me research and I lighten up like the Eiffel Tower on Bastide day. Infinite possibilities? I’m pure joy and babbling about my obsession.
  • I happen to prefer natural cosmetics (duh). I discovered organic skin care almost by accident a few years ago and well – you know me by now. I researched,  obsessed and created workshops. I am now studying organic formulation at Formula Botanica – the world’s leading accredited online Organic Cosmetic Science School.

A word about how I moderate comments

I moderate comments before they are published. I want C & V to be a friendly, respectful and constructive space where people feel safe to ask questions and to comment. Nothing in this blog is meant to be some kind of universal law and everything is open to discussion. However, I will not publish any comment meant to ridicule, bully or express discrimination of any kind.

Still with me?

Thank you. I hope that you’ll feel at home here.